Staying at Sines, Portugal

Sines, Portugal - 09/2019

Sines in Portugal is Vasco de Gama’s home town.
We stopped on our way north as it is half way between the cabo St vincente and Lisboa.
It is about 10 hours sailing from Sines to Lisboa. We did not have these 10 hours and then left the boat in Sines, jumped into a taxi to go to Lisboa airport.
From the marina, it is less than 2 hours drive to Lisboa airport by taxi. There is also a bus line, way cheaper, very comfortable, but you cannot be in a rush.

The access to the marina is really easy.
Beautiful marina, not that big, but ok. All the services and facilities are really good and the people so nice and friendly.
OK there is an industrial park with rafineries in the south of the city. But it is not a problem.
The marina is walking distance from the omd town, but it is going up!

The old town is absolutely beautiful.
In the shades of the narrow streets, you can enjoy the restaurants and bars that are so nice, really authentic.
In the restaurants, if they cannot speak english and don’t have a specific menu, they bring you to the kitchen to show you what they have prepared, so you can choose!
It is really authentic and the people are awesome.

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