GCV: the interior

Marina South, Valencia, Spain - 04/2019

The interior of Grand Citron Vert has not been changed since the origin. Still the same after 33 years at sea.
There is no doubt about it, we need to do a full refit on this boat!
Actually this is why this project is interesting!

After 33 years at sea, without much maintenance during the last 4 years minimum, the interior is in really bad condition.

The challenge is to forget about the way she is now, and to imagine how she could be after the refit.
I have been searching for inspiration, looking at other Erik Lerouge’s catamarans interior layout, design, organisation…
I found very interesting projects!

2 thoughts on “GCV: the interior”

  1. Bonjour Gilles
    Je suis le 3ème propriétaire de Grand Citron Vert de fin 2003 à début 2008.
    Nous avons navigué en famille (4) de juin 2005 à juillet 2007

    Je suis à votre disposition pour vous fournir des infos
    Bon vent

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