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45' catamaran Ville Audrain designed by Erik Lerouge
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The blog of Grand Citron Vert!
What's new?
Updated if we have time to post what is happening with GCV.
At least to build GCV's history.


The pictures of Grand Citron Vert since day 1, when I first visited her in April 2019.
Everything about the boat, the refit, the cruises...


Let's see if we can create interesting videos of the refit and of our sailing adventure.
We have drone and GoPro and camera and different phones!

GCV journey

Bought on 19/06/2019 in Valencia, Spain.
What happened since then?
Follow GCV's chaotic journey as it never goes as planned.


About me

I started sailing at the age of 6 yo at Ile Tudy sailing school, a village on the seaside in Brittany.

At 23, I started sailing cruises. Since then, I have done more than 50 sailing cruises in many different countries in the world.
I have skipped sailing boats up to 55 ft, and organised sailing cruises with crew up to 12 people for period up to 3 weeks.

Since 19/06/2019 I am the proud owner of Grand Citron Vert, a 42′ catamaran Ville Audrain – increased to 45′ – designed by Erik Lerouge.
My objective is to go sailing around the world.

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